Oliver Angus was established in 1968 by Ed Oliver. He purchased his first registered Angus cow that year while operating a small commercial herd in Fayette County, Georgia. Ed’s desire to expand his registered Angus herd and the need for affordable land to do so, led he and his growing family to West Point, Georgia, in 1978. He continued to expand the registered herd over the next decade while he and his wife, Martha Jo, raised four children on the farm.

The 1980’s were tough for the farm and the cattle. More than once, Ed built a herd and then was forced to ship the majority of the herd to make ends meet. But, there were always a handful of registered cows that stayed, from which he would build upon. In 1982, Oliver Angus attained ownership of four registered Angus cows and a bull named Contact from the Wye Angus herd in Maryland.

Since 1986, the herd has, and will remain, closed from any outside influence other than old Wye genetics. For over 30 years, Ed Oliver utilized the principles of line breeding to build a prepotent herd of cattle. A herd of cattle that are true to the Angus Breed.