Welcome to Oliver Angus

Thank you for visiting Oliverangus.com. We are a small but proud breeder of registered Angus cattle, located near West Point, Georgia. Established in 1968, by Ed Oliver, the farm continues to maintain the principles he set forth. Our mission has never been to change the breed, but to simply amplify the good traits that come naturally to Angus cattle. Traits that include; carcass quality, fertility, maternal instincts, structural soundness, and docility. Our genetics derive from Angus cattle imported in the 50’s and 60’s from Great Britain, through the Wye Angus herd in Queenstown, Maryland. Since 1986, we have sustained these genetics by using Wye blood and operating a closed herd of cattle. A consistent herd of cattle that we feel is truly Angus. As dad liked to say: “These cattle may not be for everyone, but we’ve bred them the way we like for them to look and perform”. Trends have come and gone in the Angus business over the past 30 years, but Ed Oliver stuck to what he knew was good. With a smile on his face, he would say: “son, we were grass fed, when grass fed wasn’t cool”…..

We hope you enjoy viewing the pages of oliverangus.com and please stay tuned as the website evolves.

Spence Oliver